Career Change

I was guided to a successful Career Change from the car rental business into the pharmaceutical industry by one of our Professional Experts. After graduating college, I decided to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. However, without sales experience, no one would take a chance on me. Therefore, I began to seek sales experience. I obtained my first sales role in the "management trainee" program at Enterprise Car Rental. I worked 50-60 hrs a week with little pay for about a year or so. Then I accepted a sales role at The Maxim Group as a recruiter for a couple of years. After gaining a few years of sales experience, I networked with a member from this site who was having a ton of success in the pharmaceutical industry.

After months of coaching and mock interviews I was finally ready and considered a legitimate candidate. An opening came available in West Palm Beach area and after 3 intense interviews, I was extended an offer to join Merck & Co. My total compensation including company car increased by $60,0000.

Professional Member