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Join someOne professional today if you are a professional seeking a new job or looking to upgrade your current financial position, build long-term wealth, and improve your overall quality-of-life by networking directly with recruiting firms with current active jobs versus applying on a job website only to receive no response.

There are several factors which contribute to the lack of response or the dreaded Resume Black Hole such as:

  1. If an automated applicant tracking system (ATS) is used and your resume does not adequately reflect the key words needed for the system to pick up, your resume may never be viewed by a human.
  2. If the applicants’ resumes are not formatted properly chances are significantly diminished.
  3. The high volume of resumes that recruiters receive on a single job, especially during times of high unemployment rates, makes it impossible to respond to all of them.
  4. Often jobs are fictitious or have been filled and out dated, but the website has not been updated.

You may be wondering, how to avoid the Resume Black Hole?

SomeOne Professional provides several solutions for the factors to avoid the Resume Black Hole which are:

  • We offer all members a free resume critique and advise what changes need to be made; including key word choices to be captured by ATS systems, efficient formatting, and appropriate wording.
  • As an option, SomeOne Professional offers expert resume writing to ensure your resume delivers the best chance of landing the job you want and deserve.
  • By joining this exclusive club at SomeOne, you can avoid the lines of high volume resumes, fictitious and out dated jobs since you will communicate directly with recruiters with live, updated, active jobs which they will be featuring to professional members.

Register today and start networking with recruiters and business members to secure your financial future.

“If we all share, we all prosper”


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