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If you are a professional seeking a new job opportunity or in a career transition and find yourself applying on job websites only to receive no response??

SomeOne Professional can help you end your search!

There are several factors which contribute to the lack of response or the dreaded Resume Black Hole such as:

  1. When an automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is used and your resume does not adequately reflect the key words needed to be recognized by the system, your resume may never be viewed by a human.
  2. If your resume is not properly formatted the chances of ATS recognition is significantly diminished.
  3. The high volume of resumes that recruiters receive on a single job, especially during times of high unemployment rates, makes it impossible to respond to all of them.
  4. Often jobs are fictitious or have been filled and out dated; however, the job postings are sometimes purposely not updated so recruiting firms can continue to collect resumes for their data base.

You may be wondering, how to avoid the Resume Black Hole? No worries, click to find out how you can benefit from our Resume Writing Services.

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