Benefits Of Using Our Professional Resume Writing Services

SomeOne Professional offers several benefits to avoid the "Resume Black Hole". In general, 80-90% of posted resumes receive no response. In addition, results from The beSatisfied Resume Rewrite Impact Survey, March 2009, showed that with a professional resume you will be 40% more likely to receive a job offer and 31% more likely to get an interview.

Our professional writers provide solutions to elude the pit falls that contribute to the lack of respones when posting your resume to "Well-Known job websites". We specialize in helping those who experienced a lay-off or pursuing a career change by:

  1. The "Power of Words" are undeniable,  often word choice is simply unknown.  Our professional writers will ensure that your resume will capture the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and captivate the reader.
  2. Often improper formatting confuses the ATS System. For example, headers and footers; in addition to certain resume writing programs and software.
  3. Circumvent the long resume lines by providing a professional written resume that recruiters can not afford to overlook.  Statistics show that a professional written resumes provide a 38% chance to be more likely to be contacted by a recruiter.*

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* Source: beSatisfied Resume Rewrite Impact Survey, March 2009

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