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I experienced a major Career Transition. Originally, I was employed as a Management Consultant for 6 years working the first 2 years for a Big 5 Consulting Firm. After realizing how much the firm was charging the client per hour for my services versus how much they were paying me, I decided to incorporate myself and become a 1099 Consultant. The decision to become self-employed was an arduous decision, but I had in my ability to sell my services to a client at a much cheaper rate.

As a 1099 consultant I was responsible for paying my own insurance which included: general liability, medical, vision and dental. I set out to market myself as a professional consultant with the same skills set at an employee at a Big 5 Consulting firm, but at a much cheaper discount. I created my marketing plant to successfully scout clients and convince them I could get the job done at a cheaper price with the same quality as a Consulting Firm.

After successfully running my own business across 3 states for 4 years, I was tired of the constant travel and wanted to transition my transferrable skills into a new career. I consulted with several friends who were employed in the Pharmaceutical industry and discussed with them about my desire to change careers.

Initially transitioning into the Pharmaceuticals from the Information Technology industry seemed like a difficult career change, but actually my skills paralleled the responsibilities of a Pharmaceutical Representative. I was the CEO of my business and delivered solutions to the clients based on individual needs. As a 1099 consultant I identified the needs of my clients and offered them a solution based on their specific issue. A Pharmaceutical Representative discusses the needs of a Healthcare Providers and sells them on the benefits and features of their specific product. My role as an Information technology consultant mirrored that of a Pharmaceutical Representative. Both roles worked as a consultant to identify and solve the needs of the client. Rather the client is a Fortune 500 company offering transportation services, banking solutions and or products, a problem had to be identified and a solution offered. Regardless if the problem was a product to help prevent secondary ischemic attacks or streamlining the supply chain process for online procurement; a problem had to be identified.

I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 10 years and I have achieved great success at all levels of my job. Transitioning to a new career is a daunting task, but the employee must believe in the current skillset and ability to get any job done.

“No man is an island unto himself” (J. Donne). Networking with a member from SomeOne Professional helped to ease my transition into a new career. Anytime I had a problem or question, this individual was able to help guide me to the next step. Networking is more than exchanging business cards with a stranger, but rather developing a strategic relationship to avoid unseen obstacles. Without the help of the Someone Professional member, my career transition would not have been seamless and probably would have been a professional career setback.



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