"Building My Confidence"


I had the pleasure to attend a SomeOne Professional workshop on June 11, 2016. At the time I was told my contract was ending on June 30th with Publicis Touchpoint Solutions/AZ as a Cardiovascular Nurse Consultant. It was a very difficult time as I did not want to be out of work and not getting a severance. This workshop was, PHENOMENAL and so helpful. The way the Trainer presented the STAR format and how to effectively answer interview questions, and how to create a situation bank, based on the competencies the interviewers are looking for in the ideal candidate. We also had to role play our answers, and he was truly honest with his critique. He pointed out things I needed to change; like I needed to be more passionate and sound more believable when I gave my responses. He also advised me to be less monotone and use more voice inflection. Well I was getting many interviews and being moved forward in the process, and I just didn't want to blow it! I called the Trainer the day before I had an interview and we discussed some of the things to get me to land the job! Well a week later, I was made an offer that I could not refuse at. I know I had to land the job myself!, but the STAR Workshop and the Trainer's advice helped me tremendously. My contract ended on 6/30/2016, I started my new job on 7/1/2016! I would strongly recommend any workshop at SomeOne Professional.


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