Why SomeOne Professional


SomeOne Professional (SOP) is committed to sharing information and ideas to maximize career opportunities and to get its members  promoted or make a career change. Also to provide a platform for Recruiters and Companies to recruit talented professionals and an opportunity for Entrepreneurs to promote and expand your business.

Recruiters can recruit talented professionals, Professionals can learn how to get promoted or make a career change, and Entrepreneurs can expand your business in this competitive professional and business environment.


SomeOne Professional was founded in 2006 in Miami, Florida.  The idea was formulated to assist Professionals and Entrepreneurs to improve their financial situation by: “Providing Professional Services to Professionals.”


"Worry Less, Make More"

Our mission is to provide Professional Services to Professionals to make a sustainable economic impact so you can "Worry Less and Make More" for you and your family!


Come to our Live Workshops where you can Train, Network and Meet other talented professionals who can make a positive impact on your career!


  • Update Your Marketing Tool (Resume Workshop)
  • Learn Behavioral Interview Technique (STAR Workshop)
  • Connect With Your Interviewer (BEST Communication Workshop)
  • Train Your Ear (Strategic Listening Workshop)


  • Resume Writing Service
  • Article Writing Service
  • Career Coaching and Counseling Service
  • Ask An Expert Service
  • Personal Blogging Service


  • Ask an Expert
  • Personal Blog
  • Professional Articles
  • Upload Your Personal Business Card Logo
  • Chat Peer to Peer or Within a Focus Group
  • Unlimited Private Email

The members of SomeOne Professional are all successful in their own right with something to share and something to gain. As Dr. Steven Covey would say, this is a “WIN, WIN” networking website.

The dictionary defines network as an extended group of people with similar interest or concerns who interact and remain in informal contact for mutual assistance or support. The key words here are mutual assistance.

“If we all share, we all will prosper”


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